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Automated spam submission

Automated spam submission

(This is a quick technical post for anyone who is interested.)

We had our first automated spam submission today, or at least I presume it was automated. It was posted as an inline comment, which avoided the CAPTCHA check; Alex and I deliberately did not add a CAPTCHA for inline comment submissions because we thought that making these would not be possible for spam bots. After seeing the post, I realised why it was possible, and I've put in a small change that will hopefully take care of the problem. The change does not make the system foolproof, however, and even though I know a few ways of making the system much more secure, I'm interested to see if the automated spam bots are clever enough to get around the small change. So please forgive any further strange spam submissions that might appear. If they do appear, I'll implement some more proper changes.

Automated spam in


Hmm, that comment was not an inline one and so should have required getting past the CAPTCHA. It would be highly annoying if CAPTCHAs aren't enough to stop spammers. Alex and I will have to investigate.

More automated spam, this time at the forums:


And another: /node/270

And another!


This can be stopped forbiding anonymous posting.

Either that or we could have a section of the Tricki devoted to nursing jobs round the world ...

"It's not a bug; it's a feature."

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