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Linking to front pages

Linking to front pages

I wonder if there would be any way to create links automatically to front pages. E.g., if one writes a group theory article, is there some way that it might be automatically added as a link on the group theory front page?

Possibly one would not want links like this do be added indiscriminately to all parent articles of a given child article, but front page articles are somewhat different in nature to the more content-filled articles. Would it make sense to formalize this difference, as part of some sort of automated link generation process?

(If one doesn't formalize this process, then one relies on authors to create these links themselves.)

Perhaps the best thing would be a semi-automatic linking process, in the following sense: when you give a front page as a parent article, there could be an option "Add link from parent article." There might be an issue about where exactly that link goes, especially if the front page mixes text and links, as some do. But just adding it at the end might be OK, since if you saw a link looking a bit out of place you could always move it.

If we did that, I'd also want the automatic process to do the following.

Link to article Quick description ( Whatever the quick description is at the beginning of the article )

One option would be to have a [CHILD ARTICLES] tag that one could include in an article. The system would then find all the child articles of the article, see which ones are already linked to elsewhere in the article and then include automatically generated links to the rest (including quick descriptions, as suggested above). This would allow one to keep control of the layout of the article (by positioning the [CHILD ARTICLES] tag appropriately) while still adding the benefits of an automatically generated section.

This seems like a good option, although it wouldn't solve all possible problems
(which I appreciate is anyway impossible!). If this were to be implemented, one
thing that would be important would be to emphasize that authors are encouraged
to include this tag, especially if they are writing high-level articles.

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