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Differential equations front page

Differential equations front page

I noticed that there is a link for this page, even with a brief summary, on the Equation-solving front page, but the link is dead. There are a couple of pages related to solving DEs already on the uncategorized list, and I would guess that this number will likely grow, since this is a big topic!

I could make the DE front page and start to collect these, but it might be better if someone who knows more about the subject does this. Note also that there is already a discussion of the appropriate way to label/classify articles beginning in the comments section of the article An Easy Way to Solve a Simple First Order Differential Equation.

Like you I would be happy to produce something basic, but it might make more sense for Terry to do something more elaborate: a top page for differential equations, split into ODEs and PDEs perhaps, with those split into linear and nonlinear, and then further splittings (such as elliptic, hyperbolic, etc., supercritical, subcritical etc., exactly solvable, geometric, ...). But it's not clear to an outsider how best to categorize them if one is primarily interested in methods, since e.g. some methods apply both to ODEs and to PDEs, or to more than one kind of PDE.

Well, I have my hands full with integration techniques right now, but if someone is willing to create a basic page with links to what we have already, I can try to organise it a bit more in due course.

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