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account creation slow or broken

account creation slow or broken

I just tried to create an account. All appeared to work but as of 30 minutes later, I have received no password via email. I hit the reset password form just now and no joy there either.

username: bill email:

I expect you already tried this, but the email may have been sent to your spam folder.

Ugh. Yes. Thanks wilton.

Have you set the MX records for so as to reduce the likelihood of landing in the SPAM traps?

I just took a quick look at the DNS entries for and see no MX records. That's probably why mail sent from is all marked as SPAM.

That'll be because the address is, not

We've made a small change to e-mail sending anyway, which may have an effect on whether or not registration e-mails are marked as spam. It seems not to have been a problem in most cases (I hope!).

I got caught this way too - registration email wound up in gmail's spam folder. Perhaps a warning that this is happening should be added to the page displayed after new users upload their username and email address. Eg "Note that some email systems will place our reply (containing your password) into the spam folder."

I've added a note to this effect on the registration page.

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