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User home pages

User home pages

I've noticed that a number of users give links to their home pages or blogs, and when you click on them you get a page saying "This page does not exist on the Tricki." I haven't been able to guess why this is, or why it happens to some people and not others. But it would be nice if something could be done about it.

I had the same experience at some point with some homepages, but later the
problem seemed to go away. (At least, I seem to remember that this bug occured
with my own homepage at one point, but not at others.)

I can't verify this right now, but I think it's because some users don't write the full address to their webpage, including the "http://". I don't think there is one now, but there should be a note under the 'Homepage' box saying that one needs to specify the full address.

Matthew: I think this was the problem with your webpage address, and I think Alex updated it for you.

Thanks Olof and Alex!

That is indeed the problem.

I've added a note under the box, and I've fixed all the URLs (at least I hope I got all of them!) for existing users.

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