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Constructive mathematics

Constructive mathematics

Do you think there would be sufficient interest for articles "how to tell if my proof is constructive" and "how to make constructive proofs". Most proofs are mostly constructive and there is a limited set of "gotchas" that one has to be aware of. Also, proofs which are not constructive can often be made constructive by a simple change. I could write such articles or aticle. Probably it's better to start with a single article and split it up if and when it gets too big.

That sounds pretty interesting to me – especially if there are some nice and nonobvious tricks for showing that apparently nonconstructive proofs can be made constructive. Certainly, this seems to me to be well within the intended scope of the Tricki. It would also fit nicely with a thread that so far hasn't got going, of finding explicit examples – e.g. of structures that have been shown to exist by the probabilistic method. (Some dead links have been created so far, but that's about it.)

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