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The website is perfect for someone with a question who is trying to find an answer, but someone like me, (or maybe anyone else) who is trying to learn about mathematics, might want to study instead of answering questions!

So it could be a good idea to have a part filled with question (with or without answers) and the ways these questions can be solved! I have seen that there are some examples on front page of each subjects, but they are not a lot, and also, they are so specific, and they do not teach anything!

The General_problem-solving_tips page is what I'm thinking about, but it is not complete, and also it does not go any further to advanced topics, just basics are covered.

What I'm talking about is a page (or section or anything else) which is like a tutorial, in which you can start learning how to solve questions and in a step by step manner, you can get to advanced topics!

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