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How do I make my articles show up in searches?

A major concern of the Tricki is that good and helpful articles should be easy to find by those who are likely to benefit from them. It is no good writing a beautiful article if it gets buried in the site. For this reason, the Tricki has many "navigation pages", that is, pages that have links to specific categories of article. The eventual aim is that through such pages the articles on the Tricki will be joined in a big graph and that moving about in that graph will be an easy and intuitive process. If you are writing an article, then you are strongly encouraged to give as much thought to how your article best fits into this graph as you do to the content of the article itself. If you cannot find any suitable navigation pages, then you can create one: if you are in a hurry, then you can fill it with dead links to articles that you would like to exist but that have not yet been written. This way, we can quickly build the Tricki graph, even if to start with most of the vertices are blank.

There are also ways of making your article more directly visible, using a variety of tags. These will help the article show up quickly in searches, and will also allow the article to be found if one browses the Tricki by tags.

In addition to navigation pages, the specification of a parent article for each article will aid in constructing the Tricki graph. For now, you can view the current top level of the article hierarchy.

More about this to follow ...