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This is a Tricki navigation page at the top level of generality. It contains links to other very general pages about different classes of mathematical problem and could therefore be a good start if you want help with a specific problem. Another route into the Tricki can be found on a companion page, which is concerned not so much with classifying mathematical problems and more with classifying Tricki articles themselves.

General articles about different kinds of problem

Techniques for finding algorithms and algorithmic proofs

Techniques for approximating one thing by another

Techniques for classifying mathematical structures

Techniques for comparing sets and mathematical structures

Techniques for counting

Techniques for solving equations

Techniques for obtaining estimates

Techniques for proving existence

Techniques for producing explicit examples

Techniques for proving equalities and identities

Techniques for proving impossibility and nonexistence

Techniques for proving inequalities

Techniques for maximizing and minimizing

Techniques for proving "for all" statements


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