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Who can write for the Tricki?

Anybody can write for the Tricki, and if you are reading this then you are strongly encouraged to do so. Can you think of a class of mathematical problems that you used to find difficult and now find easy? Do you have a clear understanding of what has changed in your mind to make them easier? If so, then the Tricki wants to know about it. It takes some work to write a good clear Tricki article, but if everybody puts in a small amount of work of this kind, then they may well be compensated for it by not, in future, wasting time scouring the literature for a useful but well-hidden mathematical technique.

It is likely that most of the initial articles will be about university-level mathematics (both at the research level and the undergraduate level). However, we also welcome far more elementary articles, so don't be put off by the thought that the technique you have in mind is too easy: if you once found it hard, then so will lots of other people. In fact, even if you didn't ever find it hard, there's still a good chance that other people will have done and still do. An example of a more elementary article is this one on how to solve quadratic equations.

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