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How do I create a Tricki article?

It is very easy to create a Tricki article. First, you need to be registered and logged in; if you are not registered you can register on the account creation page. Once you are logged in you can create an article by clicking on the "Add article" link in the toolbar at the top of any Tricki page. If you have even the tiniest experience of writing web pages, and probably even if you don't, then the page that will appear will be completely self-explanatory: there are boxes where you write in your title and give various pieces of information to help others find your article once it is written, and there is a box entitled "Body", into which you type the article itself.

The only thing that is not quite self-explanatory is the mark-up language used for writing mathematical symbols, creating headings, emphasizing text, creating theorem-like environments, linking to other articles (either on the Tricki or elsewhere on the web), and inserting figures. However, this has been made about as simple as it could possibly be. For example, if you want to type some mathematical symbols, you use TeX or LaTeX code and enclose it in dollars, just as you would if you were writing a TeX or LaTeX file. These matters are explained very clearly and concisely in a separate page on formatting Tricki articles. If you have not yet written a Tricki article, we recommend that you have a brief look at this page just to see what the formatting features are. We would also like to have a modest degree of uniformity in how Tricki articles look: all you really need to do in order to achieve that is read one or two existing articles and use the Tricki's method of creating headings and sections, which you can find out more about on the page about sectioning.

Even if you are completely computer-phobic, it shouldn't take you more than a few seconds to work out from the formatting pages how to use the main formatting features.

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