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This page contains links to pages of two kinds: front pages for specific branches of analysis, and pages devoted to techniques of use throughout analysis.

Areas of analysis

Real analysis

Metric spaces

Topological spaces

complex analysis

functional analysis

differential equations

Fourier analysis

geometric measure theory


Analytic techniques

Discretization Quick description ( One of the basic difficulties associated with analysis is that it deals with infinite structures. One of the most common ways of dealing with this problem is to find ways of recasting apparently infinitary statements as finitary ones: for example, this is one of the motivations for the epsilon-delta approach to analysis. There are many different types of discretization arguments: this article is a front page with links to further articles on the theme of discretization. )

Techniques for proving inequalities Quick description ( Many proofs in analysis boil down to the need to establish an inequality. Sometimes this inequality may be fairly simple, but sometimes quite sophisticated inequalities are needed. This page has links to articles that discuss different techniques for proving inequalities. )


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